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Green Pastures Ministries is a charitable organisation and as such we sometimes depend on your generosity to make a difference in our communities

Contribute towards our 5th Anniversary

We are celebrating how far the Lord has brought us since March 2015

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Support our land building project

Being able to grow is great, and we want our clergymen to develop their knowledge and skills. Help us get the proper education.



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Donation FAQ

Green Pastures Ministries accept any amount giving in honour of the Lord and to support our ministry. No amount is too small or too big.

Yes an amount if not submited for processing can be changed but if submitted caan not be changed.

Green Pastures has several measures in place to secure our files as well as the data submitted by our visitor on our website. Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

Yes our system allows for anonymous donations both online and offline, your data will be required for processing and onlline donation but you can opt out of any disclosure. Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

There’s no hidden charges to your account for donating to help or support the church. if there may be an additional charge, that may be from your bank or network charges.