A Christian social enterprise helping provide homes for those in need

Green Pastures is a social enterprise that was founded in 1999, and we’ve been chasing one ambitious goal ever since: ending homelessness.

We started from a local church in Southport, offering a home to those in need on our doorstep. Since then we have empowered churches and Christian organisations nationwide to house more than 10,000 people.


Current residents across the UK


Housed over our 24 year history


Churches and charities involved


Housed through our wider partner network


We can end homelessness together

While the homelessness crisis is huge, we’re optimistic. We have seen amazing changes in people simply by giving them a key to their own home.

We make progress every day thanks to the help of local partners and income from our Investors. If we work together, we believe everyone can have a safe and secure home, and the support and care that they need.

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“Before living here, I was an alcoholic and homeless. Rough sleeping was scary. Living here has changed me as a person. I can speak up for myself and I am more confident. I've built healthy relationships with other people and I have a great support network around me. I can sleep safely now.”

Barry, a resident with our Partners Renova Trust

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We currently house and support over 1,500 people

We do this through a network of 96 local Partners, who offer ongoing support to those in need.

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Our work is uniquely funded through investment

Our ethical scheme pays a return to investors and in return their funds enable our work to end homelessness.

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We are seeing lives changed and transformed

As our Residents are loved and supported, they move away from homelessness and towards hope and a bright future. Many find new life in Jesus and we see hundreds come to know Christ each year.

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Started housing homeless in Southport church

On a mattress, then a church garage, then in a caravan, until the Environmental Health Agency called and said we were not allowed to let people sleep in the church, garage or caravan.

Purchased first two flats in Southport

We read the story of the Good Samaritan who took total responsibility for the stranger. It was this lightbulb moment that led to the founders funding the first two flats themselves.

A bed for every homeless person in Southport

A bed for every person in need in Southport: One church faithfully serving the poor had ended their town’s rough sleeping crisis

The birth of Partnerships

That same year we were approached by the Staffordshire Chaplaincy, to buy a couple of houses for the homeless in their town of Stoke. The scripture 1 John 3:17 came to us - “if your brother is in need... do not withhold your compassion…” so we bought two houses.

Becoming a CBS

Green Pastures opened a Community Benefit Society, and we also obtained exempt charity status. As a CBS we could now issue unsecured loan stock, allowing investors to choose their rate of interest. Using this model, we don’t rely on gifts or grants to operate.

Reached the milestone of 1000 residents housed and supported by Green Pastures
Working with churches and charities across the UK to end homelessness

Today, we have over 90 Partners who collectively house, along with GP Direct projects, over 1,500 people. Our Partners provide homes and support to a further 2000+ people from other sources. We have now received in excess of £47 million in total investment. This year we aim to house 500 more people.

Growing to see more lives transformed

By 2024 we would love to house 2000 people, and increase our growth capacity to 1000 beds for residents each year. Could you be part of our mission to see an end to homelessness in your town or city?

our culture

First & foremost, we serve

We want to lead passionately and strategically, but our priority is always to serve the men and women who we house and partner with.

We seek to live the Gospel out in our actions as an enterprise, giving people the opportunity to know Christ for themselves.

Our values

Serving Jesus first

Trusting together | Working hard | Staying humble

We aim to remain Kingdom focused and prayerful in every decision. To serve Jesus, we have to know who we are in Him first. We work together, as part of God’s family; we work hard, knowing that we are ultimately working for Him; and we stay humble, because it’s not about any one of us - but about serving Jesus.

That means our work is based on love, compassion, patience, passion and integrity, which flows out of that foundational identity of being a child of God. Romans 12: 11.

Dreaming big

Remaining focused | Innovating and sharing | Continually improving

We know our purpose; focusing on goals and details with flexibility. We don’t have all the answers in advance - but we take initiative to think outside the box, proactively including and seeking the feedback of our team members. Romans 8:19.

That means we hold our heads up and see beyond what is in front of us: We aim high in faith whilst being good stewards. Sharing with others to improve and encourage. Ephesians 3: 20-21.

Caring & inspiring

Releasing people into ministry | Working as a team | Listening, considering, responding

We want everyone to be in the will of God and use their God given talents as best they can. Whilst always remembering that we are entitled to make mistakes. 1 Peter 4: 10, Ephesians 4:32.

That means we continually look to care for and serve our partners, investors, residents and each other, which allows us to witness lives being transformed. John 13:34-35.