We know it's important to you that our work is transformative, that finances are being used responsibly and effectively, and that we are transparent about how we operate. It's important to us, too.

That's why we work hard to make sure that we operate at the highest levels of accountability and transparency.

On this page you can meet our Directors, find our financial information, and find out a little more about how we ensure the quality of our resident care is at the very highest level.

Green Pastures is a Community Benefit Society (CBS). The purpose of a community benefit society is to serve the broader interests of the community. Profits are not distributed among members, or external shareholders, but returned to the community. You can find the rules of Green Pastures CBS Ltd here.


Green Pastures CBS Limited audited accounts are available here: 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22

Financial conduct authority

Green Pastures CBS Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find Green Pastures CBS Ltd on the FCA search website

Meet our Directors and NEDs:

Leading the team

Andrew Cunningham

Andrew started as the Saturday maintenance man when GP commenced in 1999. As GP grew the role evolved and responsibilities extended to property purchasing, creating the first partner documents, staff recruitment and company structure.

Pastor Pete Cunningham

When a desperate family came along in 1999, Pete cashed in his £6,000 pension and along with his son Andrew and Vicki Woodley purchased two flats. He has been part of GP since its inception in 1999, and is blown away by how the ministry has grown.

Ralph Crathorne

Ralph has drawn upon his faith to inform his time in special forces, adventures in wilderness, and a career in property consultancy. He lectures at the Leadership College London on the potential of teams with valued members, strong culture, and unselfish leaders.

Rory Paget-Wilkes

Rory completed a Masters in Development in 2001 and worked for BP on security & human rights. Since joining GP in 2007 he has managed the Partnership Managers & Marketing. Since 2002 Rory pioneered Church run night shelters.

Simon Westmacott

Simon joined the team in 2014 and the board of Green Pastures CBS Ltd. in 2016. He has acted as an advisor and consultant to government, NGOs, an international commission and private equity houses.

Vicki Woodley

Soon after joining Shoreline Church in Southport in 1996 Vicki began working part time for the church. In 1999 she put money where her heart was. Vicki is such an instrumental part of the team and in the early days did it all!

Our Directors meet 4 times a year, with our Non Executive Directors joining the meeting twice a year. Two of our NEDs were elected from and by our Investors.

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs)

Alison Gelder

Alison began volunteering at a night shelter while studying theology at Cambridge in the 1990s. Alison was the CEO for Churches Information for Mission and for 13 years the CEO of Housing Justice, a national Christian charity helping churches help homeless people and raising awareness about church action on homelessness. She is currently works for Together for the Common Good.

Dave Smith

Dave set up the Mustard Tree in Manchester and works for NACCOM in capacity-building and good practice. Dave is a trustee of the Boaz Trust, a charity he founded in 2004, which manages 17 shared houses and runs a hosting scheme and winter night shelter. Dave also coordinates the Refugee Resource Centre for Churches and is the author of two books on asylum issues.

Francis Goodwin

Francis is a serial entrepreneur with interests in media, consultancy, property development and retail. He is a Non-Executive Director of Green Pastures CBS Ltd, Chairman of the Churches Advertising Network, Treasurer of the John Hodges Charitable Trust and Vice Chairman of Henley Rowing Club.

Graham Ball

Graham has had a career as an Architect and since “retirement” has been Operations Manager at Guildford Baptist Church. He became a GP Partner in 2007 as Trustee of York Road Project and has subsequently assisted with project management of GP’s first development. He has joined the Board to represent Investors.

Rob Sturgess

Rob founded Red C, an award-winning mobile app development company. Rob has over 20 years experience in digital solutions for clients ranging from IronFX to Save the Children. His wide technical & marketing knowledge serves Green Pastures in how we communicate what we offer to the Christian community.

Roger Tucker

Roger is Founder and Non-Exec Director of Sonocent (now trading as Glean), whose note-taking software is used extensively by dyslexic students worldwide. He is also a Mentor for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses at Bristol University and is on the executive committee of Christians in Science

Quality of care

Our Residents are why we exist, and Green Pastures are committed to ensuring that across our properties and our Partner network, we are providing accommodation that is safe and secure. We have a rigorous training and vetting process for Partners, and conduct regular visits with all partner organisations to support and monitor their activity.