Local Authorities

Working with Local Authorities

Working with Local Partners to address homelessness in the UK

Green Pastures provides three different types of residential accommodation (below) which all require positive interaction with Local Authorities.

Our work is only a fragment of the support services available for those facing homelessness. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve those recovering from the effects of homelessness.

1. Green Pastures Community Benefit Society – Support Accommodation Partnerships  

We empower our 90+ partners to provide homes and support to over 1,000 people across the UK. We purchase the properties for our partners and lease to them. Each of these partners provides Exempt Accommodation connecting with their local Housing Benefit Department.

2. Green Pastures Community Benefit Society – Support Accommodation  

We directly house and support over 100 people across 5 UK locations. We work in collaboration with local groups in terms of support, referrals, information sharing and connect directly with the local Housing Benefit Department.

3. Green Pastures Community Benefit Society – Private rented

We provide private rented homes for over 400 residents across the UK. Some residents are in employment, although many receive benefits  and have low or no support needs.  

We also provide a few community and commercial buildings.

The work of our Partners and ourselves is not possible without the collaboration with the 100 Local Authorities that we work with.

We conduct regular inspections to ensure that properties are maintained and that our partner’s are providing quality resident support.  

For more information about how we work with Local Authorities or for any enquiries, please contact Andy Partridge on andy.partridge@greenpastures.co.uk.

a person giving a thumbs up wearing a mask
"It was great to meet Darren and the team from Green Pastures at at Mattersey Hall. It was really interesting to speak in person to some of the residents and to hear first-hand their inspirational stories about how they have managed to turn their lives around as Green Pastures have been working so well to tackle homelessness."
Brendan Clarke, Smith MP