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Through our ethical investment model, one person’s life is changed for every £18,000 invested. With no upper limit, the more you invest, the more lives you can help change.

Since 1999 we have been offering up to 5% interest to our investors. By investing you can earn a return and invest in changed lives.


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You could earn £7,200 in total while helping to provide a home for 1 person experiencing homelessness

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“We want to save money for the future with a good rate of interest and we are thrilled that there is a way to do this that invests in such a brilliant work for good."
Catherine East

Investment FAQ

What is ‘loan stock’?

When investing in Green Pastures, Investors buy unsecured ‘loan stock’ - which is in effect a receipt acknowledging your loan to Green Pastures. Loan stock earns interest at the rate that you choose, and is repayable to you at the date you choose when you invest.

What does ‘unsecured’ mean?

We offer unsecured loan stock, which means that your investment is not secured by a specific asset, such as property, to guarantee that the investment will be repaid.

What does ‘ethical investing’ mean?

Ethical investing, also known as socially responsible investing or sustainable investing, is the practice of investing in companies that are considered to have a positive impact on society and the environment, while avoiding companies that are seen as having a negative impact. This type of investing takes into account not only financial returns, but also the social and environmental impact of the companies in which an investor is considering investing.

What is the social impact of my investment?

Unlike putting your money into a bank or other standard investment, Green Pastures exists to house and support the homeless, and so your investment is put to good work making our work possible. Investors in Green Pastures are vital to our overall funding and enable our work to continue and grow. Without investors purchasing loan stock, we are unable to grow to house more people or maintain our existing portfolio of properties. We currently house around 1500 people, and in the financial year ending 31st March 2024, we're aiming to grow to house 300 more people in need.

How does Green Pastures use invested funds?

We aim to use the proceeds of unsecured loan stock issued to buy properties (existing or new builds) to house the homeless. GP CBS may also lend funds to special-purpose subsidiary companies for property development purposes. We aim to hold up to 20% of capital raised from loan stock in liquid assets in the form of cash deposits or secured loans to third parties repayable within six months or otherwise available by way of an overdraft facility. The purpose of liquidity is to provide flexibility in cash management, in particular, to enable the company to move quickly as opportunities arise, and to meet loan stock repayments when due. We may also use funds to invest in income-generating commercial properties, arm’s length residential properties or equity investments to generate income. Such income sustains expansion activities and builds our capital base, necessary as the balance sheet grows. Property investments also have an insurance element in that they can be sold without disrupting our core business.

How can Green Pastures pay up to 5% interest?

Green Pastures’ financial model is based on purchasing property for Partners, who provide homes and support for the homeless. We ensure an annual rental income of a minimum of 9%* of the total outlay of each property (purchase price, legal fees and upgrades) at 85% occupancy. Before purchasing a property, Green Pastures will check that rental income is available through Housing Benefit (or alternative sustainable funding) before proceeding to purchase a property. *Breakdown of the 9%: Capital & Investor Interest Payments 5%, Operational Costs 2.5%, Maintenance & Insurance 1%, Write-Offs 0.5%. Green Pastures has operated under this model since 2007 and it has been sufficiently robust to enable significant growth in this work housing those in need through the economic downturns & Housing Benefit cuts.

What is a ‘Community Benefit Society’?

Green Pastures is a Community Benefit Society (CBS), which is an incorporated Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) that conducts business for the benefit of its community. Profits are not distributed among members, or external shareholders, but returned to the community. The purpose of a community benefit society is to serve the broader interests of the community, in contrast to co-operative societies that serve the interests of members. The FCA states that “the conduct of a community benefit society’s business must be entirely for the benefit of the community.” There can be no alternative or secondary purposes, including any that may preferentially benefit the members.

Find our full list of FAQ’s and read more about investing with Green Pastures, including our full terms, conditions and regulatory information here.

Green Pastures Accounts >

Green Pastures CBS Limited audited accounts are available here: 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22. Green Pastures CBS Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find Green Pastures CBS Ltd on the FCA search website mutuals.fca.org.uk.

Governance & Transparency >

Green Pastures is a Community Benefit Society (CBS), which is an Exempt Charity registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Green Pastures CBS issues unsecured loan stock to investors. We are not a bank, and therefore cannot be part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Green Pastures’s accounts are audited and copies are available here or on request. Our Non-executive Directors meet at least twice a year with the Executive Directors. Two of our Non-executive Directors were chosen by our Investors. You can meet our team here. Green Pastures regularly visits all partner organisations to support and monitor their activity.

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